SYMBOLI appreciate that it is a privilege that I have been elected as A SRC representative. I acknowledge that this is a great honour and I will ensure that I make my school proud of me. I know that I have the responsibility of attending each SRC meeting and participating fully in all SRC activities. I stand by Maclean High School's motto, "Deeds, not Words" and hope to emulate it at all times.





Charter 1 - Involved students

Students should be active citizens of the school community and have their ideas and opinions routinely sought and respected.

Charter 2 - Making real decisions

Students from Year 7 to Year 12 are encouraged to contribute to and participate in decision-making in their school.

Charter 3 - In many places

Representative students can inform decision-making throughout the Department of Education and Communities and in the wider community.

Charter 4 - For everyone

Opportunities for participation and leadership must be inclusive of gender, special needs, cultural background, sexuality, socio-economic status and geographically remote circumstances.

Charter 5 - Chosen fairly

The methods used to involve students in decisions affecting their lives should model Australian democratic and representative practices.

Charter 6 - Well supported

Students will be prepared for and supported in their leadership and decision-making roles through all aspects of the curriculum, in classroom, whole school and out-of-school activities.

Charter 7 - Appropriately recognised

The skills, values, knowledge and attitudes that students learn from participation in school life are vital to their future roleas citizens of a democratic society.




Friday 6 February                   SRC Elections

Friday 14 February                 Valentine's Day Fundraiser; SRC Heart Foundation Cupcake Stall –       in memory of Matthew Howell

Saturday 14-15 March            Relay for Life

Thursday 26 March                 Social

Friday 27 March                     Clean Up Australia

Friday 22 May                        Teddy Bears' Picnic – Westmead Childrens' Hospital

Thursday 28 May                    Big Morning Tea

29/30/31 May                          "Addams' Family" Musical

5/6/7 June                                "Addams' Family" Musical

Thursday 18 June                    School Social

Thursday 25 June                    Junior Musical Talent Night

Friday 31 July                          Chopper Day - Westpac Helicopter

15-16 August                           40 Hour Famine

Friday 25 July                          SRC Mini-Fete

10 September                          School Social

18 September                          Jeans For Genes

21-23 October                          Adventure Camp (all SRC) - Coffs Harbour 

Friday 31 October                    National Bandana Day

Friday 13 November                Halogen Foundation (new captains) – Brisbane


Year Meetings – Week 4 and Week 8 of each term

PBL Meetings – once a month

Whole School Assemblies