PDHPE is a valued and accepted part of our school's curriculum, contributing to the development of the whole child. It provides a vehicle for social, physical, emotional and moral learning and is an important expression of our culture.

The participation, enjoyment and skill development of our students is the corner-stone of the school sport/ physical activity program. All our students take part in this program.

There are also opportunities to represent our school at inter-school sports competitions. As a NSW public school we benefit from the opportunities for shared activities and competitions with other schools, coordinated by school sport associations.


Stage 4 PDHPE (Years 7 and 8) - Mandatory

Stage 5 PDHPE (Years 9 and 10) - Mandatory

Stage 5 Physical Activity and Sports Studies (PASS), Child Studies (Years 9 and 10 ) - Electives

Stage 6 PDHPE Courses (Year 11 Preliminary and Year 12 HSC) - Electives


Community and Family Studies (CAFS) 

Exploring Early Childhood

Sports, Lifestyle and Recreation (SLR)