The Central Australia Excursion


students   Dusk or Dawn

This excursion has been part of the Geography curriculum at Maclean High School since 2008, when a staff member used his annual leave to plan an educational and memorable excursion, to give students the experience of rural and remote Australia beyond the eastern seaboard.

Since that time, between 42-46 Year 9 students each year have embarked on an 18 day excursion of western NSW, SA and western QLD, with the Centre being the highlight. The excursion covers iconic geographic features such as Uluru, Kata Tjuta, Kings Canyon, Simpsons Gap and the Devils Marbles. In all, a journey of 8,000 km over 18 days. Other highlights include the Desert Park, Royal Flying Doctors service, Pyndan Camel Tracks, Australian Age of Dinosaurs, Dubbo Zoo, Tree of Knowledge and the historic town of Silverton as well as Coober Pedy. In all, the students travel through three states and one territory a journey over 8,000 km.

Maclean High School is very proud of this excursion because the planning and logistics is solely organised by the school. Catering, itinerary development, budgeting, bookings, educational activities and the day to day running of the excursion has been the responsibility of the Maclean High Staff. The excursion is always conducted over the last two weeks of the third school term and the first week of the school holidays. Staff willingly give up their annual leave so that students have the opportunity to participate in such a venture.