Yr 10 Engineering Studies

Hulio, Jai & Caled 

Year 10 Engineering Studies Students - visit SCU Lismore for the first "Get into Uni Day"

Our day the 11th of May, started on the bus to Lismore, join by MCC and GHS students. We had quick morning tea and then went to listen to the SCU staff, one of them talking about the head start program. Next a Civil Engineering Professor explained in detail the course and a student of his told us about the perks of doing such a course. We had a look at the on campus dorms; we were shown around the building and into a pre-occupied dorm room. After watching a short promo video we had lunch, to end the day we sat in a lecture for an hour and learnt about using people skills/public speaking to sell ideas and schemes for an engineering purpose. 


Written by Hulieo Anderson.