Air Strip Visit

vintage plane



Year 12 Engineering Studies Students  -   Visited the Local Air Strip and Hangars at Palmers Island owned by Bob McIntyre.


Year 12 Engineering Studies students recently visited Palmers Island Air Strip.  The class was joined by Mr Dave Youman and his Year 12 Engineering Studies Class from South Grafton High School. The requirement of Engineering Studies is a unit on aviation, and the visit assists in the understanding of aircraft, the components and control surfaces of an aircraft for flight, as well as different forms of flight. Seven of the 9 students from the MHS class and a further 5 students from Sough Grafton High enjoyed the experience. Thanks goes to Peter Coulter for showing the classes around his Gyrocopter, Alan for a look over his vintage plane and Bob McIntyre the owner of the air strip at Palmers Island for this well informed excursion.                                               

                           Air strip visit 2

                                                       Air strip visit 3