SCU Engineering Roadshow

Eng Roadshow 

Year 12 Engineering Studies – SCU Engineering Roadshow

Bridges:  a lifetime fascination

Maree and Scott from Southern Cross University in Lismore visited Maclean High School on the 24th of May.  Maree was promoting Engineer with SCU Lismore with the Universities Engineering Roadshow.  This was a first for Maclean High School, and the topic for this visit was bridges.  Maree indicated a number of aspects for civil structures and how bridges fit into this with our modern day living.


Some aspects detailed in the presentation were:

Functionality – how the bridge is to function and will the bridge have reasonable use

Terrain - - where the bridge is constructed and located for stability

Material – to build the bridge for economically sound basis

Funds – to build and to raise from

Safety – the use of the bridge

As well as an awareness of bridge aesthetics and the contribution of the bridge to the surrounds must be part of any bridge design process