Last updated 12:29 PM on 20 October 2016

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On Monday18th a great night of touch was played to contest the DEX Touch Trophies. For the first time in a few years it was nice to be able to play the DEX touch on the first night of organisation without postponement because of dangerous weather or unforeseen circumstances. However, the clouds once again brought rain but not enough to dampen the spirits of the players involved. 


This year 5 schools (Maclean ,St. Andrews, CVAS, Pacific Valley and Macauley) played in a variety of combinations to contest the 4 divisions – Senior Boys and Girls and Junior Boys and Girls. Our teams were enthusiastic and there was no end to the variety of spectacular moves and talent across many of the games.

As the night progressed the dominant teams made it through and Maclean, Macauley and Pacific Valley had 4, 3 and 1 teams represented in the Grand Finals.

Results were as follows:

Junior Boys Final:             Macauley (1)       def        Maclean  (0)                      

                                                Player of the Final:          Brian Quinlan-Randall (Maclean)

Junior Girls Final:              Macauley   (2)    def         Maclean    (0)                    

                                                Player of the Final:          Laura Hartley (Macauley)

Senior Boys Final:             Maclean  (7)        def        Pacific Valley      (1)         

                                                Player of the Final:          Nathan Hollis (Maclean)

Senior Girls Final:             Macelan  (6)       def          Macauley     (1)

                                                Player of the Final:          Charlotte Williams (Maclean)

A big thankyou to is extended to the Yamba Touch Association, their referees and the organising and coaching teachers for their tireless dedication and effort in running a smooth and efficient carnival for our Lower Clarence students and also to the students for providing outstanding skills and entertainment for the afternoon.  

Well done Maclean High for making it to all grand finals. The senior divisions both won convincingly in all games and the junior teams put up an excellent fight giving the Macauley Junior teams tough competition that could have gone either way.  Congratulations also to our 3 players' of the finals.  An outstanding effort!

Mrs Kylie Lowe