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Last updated 12:27 PM on 13 December 2017

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  We are very pleased to be making our report for 2017. This is the first year we have offered the Duke of Edinburgh award at Maclean High School and there has been some very good support to date. The Duke of Ed. is a self-select program which students can complete at Bronze, Silver and Gold level. Each award requires students to complete a program of sustained community service, learn a new skill, complete physical activity and plan and undertake an Adventurous Journey (AJ).

The Bronze award is intended to promote community engagement and personal growth through these activities. Current participants have completed a range of activities including- community radio program, service at Maclean Social Kitchen on Monday nights, dance instructing, learning dog training skills and soccer refereeing.

In Term 4, 6 students completed a practise AJ. This trip was planned for a number of weeks prior and took place between Angourie and Sandon. Students practised their navigation skills, camp craft and cooking. The challenges of this AJ include students required to carry all camp equipment, food, water and supplies on their back. The trip was a great success and I am sure the students are looking forward to the next.

Students also had the opportunity to participate in the Duke of Ed. Wednesday sports program during Terms 2 and 3. Over the course of the program students participated in orienteering, bushwalking, kayaking, fishing, camp craft and cooking. This Wednesday sport course will continue in Terms 1 and 3 in 2018.

The Duke of Ed. program will continue in 2018 and is open to all students 14 years and older. It is a great opportunity for personal growth, to make new friends, build teamwork skills and keep physically fit. I urge students to come see the coordinators if you would like to know more and get started on your Bronze.


Mr Patch, Ms Vadher and Mrs Ellis.


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