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Last updated 3:03 PM on 12 September 2017

Some recently completed major projects by our graduating Year 12 Industrial Technology-Timber Students. 

All projects were designed and constructed by the students using the Trade Training Centre.

All students worked hard throughout the HSC Year and they have produced projects which they can be proud of and I'm sure they will take pride of place at home.


Fletcher Sumner coffee table        Coffee Table  

Fletcher Sumner produced a slab top Coffee Table for his Major Project. The project required Fletcher to dress rough sawn local hardwoods and also has two dovetail jointed drawers for storage. 


 Rhys Watterson    

Rhys Watterson produced a small and elegant study desk to fit an existing space at home. Rhys used a range of machinery including the newly acquired Thickness Drum Sander which has been very valuable for dressing table tops and side panels for students' projects.


Kyle Trevithick

Kyle Trevethick produced a themed Medieval Throne. Kyle adapted plans from a high backed chair and customised it with a panelled hardwood back rest. 


Riley Lloyd

Riley Lloyd utilised the workshop machinery to dress salvaged timber from an old hall from the Northern Rivers. Once dressed the Kemas timber was extremely attractive and showed some character including nail and bolt holes. Riley's study desk features tapered legs and a custom table edge which he produced using a number jigs on the Thicknesser.