Last updated 4:48 PM on 2 November 2016

Congratulations to the 17 students who represented Maclean High in the Dragon Boat Races as part of the Jacaranda Festival. 


   the crew
      The Crew II

   The Crew                                                                    The Crew in action

Training for the event started a couple of weeks prior to the festival when students accompanied by Mrs Johanna Pettet and Mrs Susan Bradley gave up a couple of hours on a Saturday morning  to have a training run with the Clarence Coast Dragon group. At this session technique, safety, boat balance and race tactics were learnt. Elizabeth Rose and Georgie Dobbin were the strokes – an important part of the boat as all paddlers must stay in time with their stroke rate. Maclean High entered the schools event and contested three races and a final. The team placed 3rd, 3rd and 1st in each heat.

After each heat as they unloaded from the boat everyone was breathing heavy and laughing but all intent on improving in the next race. The final was going to be close as the Army Cadets, CVAS and Maclean had all won one heat and it came down to less than a metre with CVAS taking line honours.

Maclean impressed the organisers on the day with many comments on their skill, sportsmanship and maturity. The coach from Clarence Coast said "Maclean High students and staff make us proud, what a superb group of people and what energy – if only we could recruit some of these young muscles as club members".

An official in the finishing area stated "OMG I almost lost control of what I was supposed to be doing – I really thought they had won the final…. oh so close."

A huge thank you to Chris who conducted the training session, Dot, the coach of Clarence Coast Dragons, for her wise words before each race and Jan who was our drummer for each race. A final thank you is extended to the Maclean High Interact Club who paid the entry fee for the team.

Lesley Sutton

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