Last updated 4:08 PM on 30 January 2017




Order of events and times are as follows:

       7.30am                                     200m Freestyle

       8.00am                                     200m Individual Medley

       9.00am-9.15am                         ROLL MARK AT POOL – DO NOT GO TO SCHOOL

       9.15am                                     Warm up time

       9.45am                                     100m Freestyle

       10.15am                                    50m Freestyle

       11.00am                                    AWD Event - 50m Freestyle

       11.15am                                    50m Breaststroke

       12.00pm                                   All age Relays

       12.20pm                                   AWD Event – 50m Breaststroke

       12.30pm                                   50m Backstroke

       1.15pm                                     4 x 50m Age Relays

       2.15pm                                     50m Butterfly

       2.45pm                                     Year 12 Farewell Swim

       3.00pm                                     Buses arrive to transport students back to school

                                                       Maclean Students may walk home


Swimming Carnival Information:

  • Carnival to be held Wednesday 8th February 2017 commencing at 9.00am
  • Roll mark will take place at the pool at 9.00am inside the pool grounds.  As you arrive go to your Year Roll to get your name marked
  • Once inside the pool you may not leave until 3.00pm
  • Late arrivals require a signed note by a parent/carer and must be given to Mrs Kane inside the pool's main gate
  • Buses collect all students from the pool
  • Admission is $3 for students and $1.50 for adults, except for those with season tickets
  • Bring food for the day or purchase at the pool (BBQ available)
  • Students are not permitted to leave the pool during the carnival. If you need to leave early, a note is needed from parents and an early leavers pass must be obtained from Mrs Kane at the pool during roll mark
  • Wear House colours and join in the spirit of the day, but please, NO CREPE PAPER OR BODY PAINTS. Coloured sun creams are allowed
  • Check notice boards around the school for program of events and current records
  • A coloured card must be completed by each competitor for each event on arriving at the marshalling area. It is important you write your first and family name identically each time you complete a card. All details must be complete, particularly your date of birth
  • This is a day carnival, remember to slip, slop, slap and wrap, even if it appears it may rain, and drink plenty of fluids
  • Should the carnival need to be cancelled an announcement will be made on 2GF/104.7FM and on the school Facebook page between 6.30am and 7.30am
  • Families are encouraged to come
  • 200 metre freestyle and individual medley for all ages will be held Wednesday morning at 7.30am
  • Remember first 2 places, except 200m Freestyle (1) and 50m Freestyle (4), go to Zone, which is FRIDAY, 24th FEBRUARY at Lismore Memorial Baths. If you cannot attend the Zone Carnival, you must inform Mrs Sutton (in the PDHPE staff room) immediately
  • The North Coast Carnival is TUESDAY, 7th MARCH at Kempsey Pool
  • The NSW CHS Carnival is held from SUNDAY 2nd, APRIL to TUESDAY, 4th APRIL at the Sydney International Aquatic Centre
  • Good luck, and enjoy your day