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28 April 2017

Dear Principal

Subject: HSC minimum standard resources for Year 9 students and parents

In the lead up to this year's NAPLAN tests, I am writing to ask your help to ensure every Year 9 student and parent has accurate information about the NSW Government's implementation of a minimum standard of literacy and numeracy for the HSC from 2020.

In particular, the main messages I would like to convey are: 

  • The HSC minimum standard is being introduced to help ensure that students leave school with the basic literacy and numeracy skills fundamental for life after school.
  • NAPLAN is a chance to check a student's progress towards the HSC minimum standard or, for more advanced students, prequalify for the HSC minimum standard with Band 8s or higher. 
  • Most students will demonstrate the minimum standard by passing online reading, writing and numeracy tests in the lead up to Year 12. 
  • Year 9 students have three more years of learning before the HSC.

I have written a letter to Year 9 students and a message to Year 9 parents explaining the new HSC minimum standard. I would appreciate if you could distribute my letter to your Year 9 students and publish my message in your newsletter.

Additionally, the NESA website has an extensive range of resources designed to help explain the new HSC minimum standard including:

Thank you for your support in clarifying understanding of this important education initiative.

Yours sincerely

David de Carvalho
Chief Executive Officer