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12 Years Reece Warburton       13:18:59 Annabelle Curry      13:18:59
13 Years Damian Jamieson      11:50:62 Carissa Miltiadou    12:13:22
14 Years Jay Adams                   10:54:70 Mia Wright                 12:13:22
 15 Years Rocky Harris               10:05:77 Mya Smith                  13:57:99
16 Years Eathan Davis              13:12:73 Stephanie Hutton
Clara Samms             13:04:36
17 Years Lachlan Culton           9:50:00 Kelsey Sheehan        11:21:00
18 Years Jackson Hirst Crystal Piper


FASTEST junior boy (12,13,14 yr)          Jay Adams                   Time    10:54:70

FASTEST junior girl (12,13,14 yr)           Carissa Miltiadou        Time    12:06:88

FASTEST senior boy (15,16,17,18 yr)    Lachlan Culton            Time      9:50:00

FASTEST senior girl (15,16,17,18 yr)     Kelsey Sheehan           Time     11:21:00


Maclean High School Cross Country Championships 2017

After successfully trialling the cross country carnival on the last day of Term 1 the decision was made to keep the same date. The week leading into the carnival left the organisers doubting if it would go ahead as day after day the rain kept falling. The course was checked and assessed on a daily basis as the rain rarely eased, the council grounds were closed and the ever present bats were not moving. On the Thursday, the day was rain free and after discussion with Keith Ward, the alternate ‘bat' course was agreed on and a very wet and muddy area was roped off. Friday arrived and the morning sun shone. Staff and students arrived in their ‘colours of the rainbow' outfits and the day had a relaxed feel as students went to the first four lessons. This year the SRC decided to be adventurous and organise Maclean Highs' first ever colour run as part of the Cross Country. Period four was a flurry of activity on the oval as tents were put up and balloons and streamers adorned the 5 colour run stations and the finishing line.

The end of lunch bell rang for the roll mark and final details of the day were given. As the students and staff moved to the oval, the wind picked up and the heavens opened with a torrential 15 minute downpour. The first event, the 17 and 18 year olds, huddled under the recording tent in an effort to stay dry. Eventually, the rain stopped, the sun burst through and the announcer called the runners to the marshalling area and the carnival began. Each race began with a resounding whip crack from George Sutherland. He later treated the assembly to a fine whip cracking display using 2 whips prior to the presentation.

As the runners began to cross the line we could see the colour run was a huge success as students crossed the finishing line with wide smiles and splashes of colour across their shirts. After the assembly to recognise the best dressed and age champions, Mr Sutton and Mrs Hollis started their garden blowers and as the students lined up for their buses they were blasted with air to get any loose powder from their clothes

Well done to the following Age Champions

12 yrs Reece Warburton 13.18.59, Belle Curry 13.18.59

13 yrs Damian Jamieson 11.50.62, Carissa Miltiadou 12.06.88

14 yrs Jay Adams 10.54.70, Mia Wright 12.13.22

15 yrs Rocky Harris 10.05.77, Mya Smith 13.57.99

16 yrs Ethan Davis 13.12.73, Stephanie Hutton, Clara Samms 13.04.36

17 yrs Lachlan Culton 9.21.97, Kelsey Sheehan 12.44.87

18 yrs Jackson Hirst, Crystal Piper

Fastest Junior (12, 13, 14 yrs) Jay Adams, Carissa Miltiadou

Fastest Senior (15, 16, 17, 18 yrs) Lachlan Coulton, Kelsey Sheehan

Champion House - 1st Gordon - 674, 2nd Lawson - 638, 3rd Kendall, 4th Paterson

Cross Country is a unique carnival where the athletes compete not only as an individual but also as a team. The first four placegetters will now compete at the Northern Rivers Zone carnival at Lismore Racecourse on Friday 19th May. All students are encouraged to return their permission note and bus money to the front office as soon as possible.

A huge thank you to Mrs Hollis, Mrs Vadher, Mrs Johnson, Ms Watts and the SRC who manned the colour run stations and the other members of the SRC who sold many ice blocks on the day. Well done to Mr Ohlmus and Mr Shannon who rode their bikes many times around the course ensuring all staff were in position and were on the lookout for any injuries. Also a great team effort by the remainder of the staff who filled many roles as officials and walking or running the course with the students and our groundsmen, Keith and Peter for marking the course. Also thank you to Shannon Moran, Aneeka Moran and Lily Kennedy for helping with recording on the day.

Lesley Sutton

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