Last updated 3:29 PM on 20 September 2016
               The Prizewinners

Maclean skate comp

Last year the Maclean High Skate Competition was only a dream for Hulieo Anderson, current student at Maclean High. Attempts were made by Hulieo to realise his dream and luckily this year, with support from teachers, his dream changed to a reality.

The Skate competition was hosted on Wednesday 14th of September, supported and sponsored by Nan and Pop Skate Boutique, Melon Skateboards, Truck Stop Skate Shop, Revival Yamba and the Clarence Valley Council.




Everybody was pumped, kids were shredding left and right. It was a successful day, everyone had a good time with plenty of friendly competition amongst each other and no casualties.

Under 14's boys results had Jimmy Schaeffer taking 4th place, Zephyr Skipper coming in 3rd, Chad Bradley in 2nd and Oscar Berry coming in 1st place with some amazing tricks.

Open girls results had Zara Tabor in 3rd place, Gracie Donsworth in 2nd and Molly Deakin in 1st place. The girls dropped into the competition with old school Bert slides.

Open boys results had Angus Kelly taking 4th spot, Mitchel Roberts in 3rd, Thomas Gordon 2nd and Billy Bradley in 1st place with a mystery flip that even the judges didn't know the name of.

Angus Kelly won the best trick with a front side nose grind down the stair hubba.

I would like to thank Maclean High School, Isaac from Nan and Pop and Tony and Dylan from Truck Stop Skate Shop for putting this awesome day together and it will be even better next year.

Photos by Fynn Moran -Mcseveny and reported by Hulieo Anderson and Fynn Moran-Mcseveny.

Angus Kelly      Mitchell Kelly

Angus Kelly with a tweaked indy grab                         Mitchell Roberts ollieing from the hubba to flat in                                                                                                   attempts to take the best trick comp


Molly Deakin      Oscar Berry

Molly Deakin with a back 50-50 on the quarter           Oscar Berry doing a pool style rock to fakie.