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Last updated 12:19 PM on 8 March 2018

The SRC (Student Representative Council) Induction Ceremony was held on Thursday the 1st of March. It was a great success with over 50 parents, grandparents and special guests attending the ceremony. This year the ceremony was held in the newly carpeted Library which created an intimate setting in air-conditioned comfort. All SRC representatives, the Captains and Vice-captains were officially presented with their badges, SRC planners and took the SRC Oath. A personal touch, and my favourite part of the ceremony, was when the parents/friends were invited to pin the badges on the students during the badge pinning ceremony.

SRC 2018 Representatives

Daniel Anderson and Clara Samms (School captains) did an excellent job as chair persons, whilst the vice captains and Year 12 SRC representative lead the ceremony splendidly. Mr Greg Court addressed the SRC inductees with wonderful words of advice to our future leaders. One key quote was "that leadership involves inspiring others to engage in conduct that makes a positive difference to the world". The hope is that these students will make a positive difference both at school and within our community.

 SRC Induction Ceremony 1SRC Induction Ceremony 3aSRC Induction Ceremony 3bSRC Induction Ceremony 3d

Thank you to the following people who made the ceremony run smoothly; Mrs Leena Vadher, Mrs Helen Bowie, Mr Matthew Fisher, the musicians and vocalists, all the office staff, Mrs Debbie Loy, and all of the presenters. Thank you also, to Anj Warburton for the ‘Welcome to country', Sheryl Burgess, Tina Evans and Jacelyn Bebb for preparing the morning tea, Mrs Melissa Stanford  for photography. I'd like to especially thank the parents and family friends who took time out of their busy schedules to join in this celebration. 

SRC Induction Ceremony 2SRC Induction Ceremony 3c

Mrs Danielle Hollis – SRC Co-ordinator










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