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Last updated 12:06 PM on 13 December 2017

The D of E Practice Adventurous Journey

During Term 4, six students who are participating in the Duke of Edinburgh program hiked across two days on a 20 kilometre section of the Yuraygir Coastal Walk from Mara Creek to Sandon. The walking conditions were tough as the participant's battled sun and rain as part of their Adventurous Journey which is a mandatory part of the Bronze Duke of Ed. Program. The Duke of Edinburgh Award is a program that encourages kids to push themselves and try new things. Participants are required to complete four sections on each level (bronze, silver and gold): Service, Skill, Physical Recreation and The Adventurous Journey. We are working towards our bronze award and what we did was the "Practice Journey". This was to help us get ready for the real Adventurous Journey by experiencing how difficult and challenging it can be.

On the 9th of October, Virginia Griffiths, Brooke Orth, Ashley Luland, Kori Eaton, Sean McFarlane, and I Jack Rollans all set off with the teachers, Mr Patch and Ms Vader.  On the hike we walked from Mara Creek to Shelly Head for lunch on the first day. After lunch we walked from to Red Cliff from Shelly Head and we camped overnight there. We setup our tents (the girls in one and the boys in the other) and Ms Vader's Husband put up a gazebo for us. The next day we walked to Brooms Head for lunch and the after lunch we walked along the beach in the pouring rain to Sandon. For me it was a painful eight kilometres as I could see our destination in the distance for the whole 4 hours of walking. I am really glad that I practiced walking with a heavy hiking backpack for a couple of weeks before. I think that helped me to enjoy the trek much more. The best part for me was the camping.


Here is what some of the other students had to say about our practice adventurous journey:

What did you find the most challenging part of this trip? "Carrying a heavy bag. I found it hurt my lower back and shoulders a little. Sandflies love me." Virginia Griffiths, Year 8.


What do you think could be improved or changed for your next AJ to be more successful?

"Communication on what to bring so we don't double up" (between the students). Kori Eaton?


Do you have any good hiking tips? "Use your sleeping bag cover as a pillow and stuff it with clothes."


I would like to thank Mr Patch, Ms Vader and Ms Vader's husband Matt for taking us.


This report has been written by Jack Rollans, Year 8.