Last updated 3:16 PM on 3 October 2017

Heron Island


Late Term 3 we were informed by our contacts at the University of Queensland, Heron Island Research Station that a booking had become available for the middle of Term 4, 2017. It was decided to offer the opportunity to attend this excursion to the current Year 10 group, instead of the current Year 11 group which missed out earlier this year. We asked for parental commitment via a signed expression of interest process, with a minimum number of 24 (max 30) students required to allow the trip to go ahead. 

The school is happy to announce that we have surpassed this number and have declared the excursion on for Year 10, 2017. 

As we have greater than 30 students nominated, we will follow normal selection criteria to reduce this to the maximum number of 30. A waiting list of eligible students will also be made so that we have replacements in the event someone has to withdraw. Students will be informed on Tuesday 10th Oct of their place in this excursion, with payments to be made to the front office from Wednesday 11th Oct. (Total cost of the excursion is $850)

We understand that this is all very late notice, but hope that you understand that circumstances are beyond our control. If you have any questions regarding the excursion please contact Mr Andrew Ford in the Science Dept. If you would like to discuss payment methods, plans, etc please contact Mrs Brenda Rice in the front office. 


Stay tuned for more information.........



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