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Last updated 11:45 AM on 22 May 2017
Girls team 
Wet conditions 


















Congratulations to the 43 athletes who travelled to Lismore Racecourse to compete in the Northern Rivers Zone Cross Country.

The runners all finished exhausted but with a smile on their face as they compared who had the most mud on them and who fell over, due to the wet, muddy, slippery course.

Maclean did exceptionally well, placing 1st in the girls and 3rd in the boys pointscore and 2nd overall to a strong Alstonville team.

We had five age champions – 13 years Carissa Miltiadou, 14 years Elisha Gavin, Jay Adams, 17 years Kelsey Sheehan, 18 years Bethany Hickey.Maclean also won four teams events 13 year girls – Carissa Miltiadou 1st, Romaney Berry 2nd, Jade Moffitt 4th, Caitlyn Fischer 6th; 14 year girls – Elisha Gavin 1st, Milly Gyory 6th, Caitlin McInnes  12th; 16 years Stephanie Hutton 4th, Alyssa Luland 5th, Clara Samms 6th, Rebecca Shannon 7th; 18 years Bethany Hickey 1st, Demi Gavin 2nd, Crystal Piper, 3rd, Lauren Illig 4th, Nicole Cowling 5th.

Other stand out performances were;

12 years Belle Curry 3rd, Rose Roper 6th, Reece Warburton 2nd

15 years Alana Colwell 8th, Mya Smith 9th, Tara George 10th, Ari Bradley 5th, Rocky Harris 8th, Chad Bradley 10th (who dislocated his shoulder the week before playing in the school football team).

Thank you to Mr Izzard who was team manager and photographer and the parents who braved the wet conditions to cheer on Maclean High School.


Lesley Sutton

Team manager