River of Learning 2015

In 2013 student leaders from each class group were involved in representing their understanding of this counting system on learning boards that could be used to support the learning of others in future years.

In 2014 students represented their understanding of this counting system by completing an activity that challenged students to represent numbers in as many ways as they could. Student work was then used to produce a physical representation of this region and the Clarence River.

This year students have represented their understanding of this counting system by creating a poster of a midden pile containing a certain number of Pipis. Students represented their number using the counting system of the Yaegl People on this poster. Student work has been used to form a physical midden pile. In addition, students were asked to reflect on the understanding they have gained from the learning activities they participated in and write a sentence or two on some knowledge they can now share with others. These reflections will be shared through the display on the River of Learning day.

The Mathematics Department would like to congratulate all participating students from Years 7 for their efforts and thank: Mr S Boon for coordinating the program and delivering the lesson material to all students; Ms A Naughten for her delivery of our learning activities with all students; Ms M Rumford, Ms C Bricknell and Ms C Jagoe for their artistic direction in displaying student work; and, Mr S Boon's Year 11 Mathematics Extension class for helping set up the display and take these fantastic photographs.

River of Learning 2015a