Level 1 Training – This level of training is accessible to all students at Maclean High School. Each week new problems will be posted on this site and available to collect from the Mathematics Department Staffroom. Students attempt these problems and submit their solutions at the end of each week. Participating students will need to work hard each week to climb their year group's ladder and be eligible for Level 2 Training.

Level 2 Training – Students at the top of their year group's ladder will be eligible to attend these training sessions. Student's must continue completing their Level 1 training and maintain their ranking to remain eligible in the following term. Eligible students will attend weekly training sessions and complete a series of problems in a set amount of time. The two top performing participants from each year will be selected to form the Maclean High School Mathematics League Team for that term. Members of this team will be eligible for Level 3 Training.

Level 3 Training – This level of training is accessible to members of the official team. This team will meet once a week and work together to solve problems. Older student's will act as leaders and work with their younger team mates to enhance their mathematical understanding and broaden their skill set.