The Mathematics Department has planned our curriculum and developed teaching programs which meet the NSW DEC Policy Standards and are consistent with the Education Ace and Board of Studies syllabuses and credentialing requirements.

Our teaching programs incorporate both assessment and set learning activities as an integral component.

On this website you will be able to find our teaching programmes which indicate outcomes being addressed as well as policies and procedures which outline our assessment strategies.

Stage 4 students completing set work.

The assessment strategy outlined in these documents is valid and reliable. It is manageable and time efficient for students and allows all students to demonstrate the achievement of outcomes for the relevant stage of learning. Student performance on these assessments is used to: guide ongoing teaching and learning; monitor and evaluate student progress; and, provide effective feedback to parents on their child's progress.

Our department has developed set learning activities and it is our expectation that all students attempt this set work with diligence and sustained effort throughout the year. You will find our specific policy and procedures on completing set work (this includes homework) to this standard on this website.

Set Work Policy (pdf 106 KB)