ICAS Mathematics

The International Competitions and Assessments for Schools (ICAS) Mathematics assesses students' skills and knowledge across five strands:

1. Algebra and Patterns - Involves patterns of numbers, relationships between numbers and the use of symbols to stand for unknown or variable numbers.

2. Chance and Data - Involves mathematical treatment of data and statistics.

3. Measures and Units - Involves properties of the physical world that can be measured, the units used to measure them and the process of measurement.

4. Number and Arithmetic - Involves types of numbers, their properties and number operations. The strand has strong links with Measures and Units, Algebra and Patterns and Chance and Data. It also has some links with Space and Geometry.

5. Space and Geometry - Involves the properties of two-dimensional and three-dimensional space.

This competition is coordinated by Ms Tania Kane and information is provided to parents prior to this competition being held. This competition has a cost associated with it; however, the Mathematics Department has subsidised this cost in the past.