MCYA Enrichment

At this stage this enchrichment activity may be offered to students at their request. All requests for this activity should be made to the Head Teacher Mr S Boon.

The Mathematics Challenge for Young Australians (MCYA) is a staged program designed to help motivate, stimulate, encourage and develop mathematically interested students and bring forth the talent and potential within. The MCYA is an ideal program for extension studies and for students who would benefit from greater challenge.

The first two stages of the MCYA provide problems and course work to extend and develop students in mathematical problem solving.

There are three independent stages in the Mathematics Challenge for Young Australians: the Challenge Stage, the Enrichment Stage and the Australian Intermediate Mathematics Olympiad (AIMO).

Student performance in the MCYA and AMC is used by the Australian Mathematical Olympiad Committee (AMOC) to select students to participate in their invitational program. This program offers extra enrichment opportunities, and can lead to selection in the Australian team to participate in the International Mathematical Olympiad (IMO). The IMO is the pinnacle of competition between students of pre-university level from different countries.