AMC Competition

The Australian Mathematics Competition (AMC) sponsored by the Commonwealth Bank was introduced in Australia in 1978 as the first Australia-wide mathematics competition for students. Since then it has served almost all Australian secondary schools, providing feedback and enrichment to schools and students. It has become the largest single event on the Australian education calendar, allowing students to attempt the same tasks on the same day in over 40 countries around the globe. By 2014, the AMC has attracted more than 14 million entries.

The AMC is a fun competition with many of the problems set in situations familiar to students and showing the relevance of mathematics in their everyday lives.

The aims of the AMC are:

1. To highlight the importance of mathematics as a curriculum subject; and,

2. To give students an opportunity to discover talent in mathematics.

Student performance in the MCYA and AMC is used by the Australian Mathematical Olympiad Committee (AMOC) to select students to participate in their invitational program. This program offers extra enrichment opportunities, and can lead to selection in the Australian team to participate in the International Mathematical Olympiad (IMO). The IMO is the pinnacle of competition between students of pre-university level from different countries.