Course Selection

Under Construction. This is a draft only and should be used as such.
When choosing a Stage 6 course (Mathematics General, Mathematics, Mathematics Extension 1, and Mathematics Extension 2) it is important to take into consideration both where you have come from and where you are planning to go. Questions you should ask yourself are: what Stage 5 course have I studied, what level have I achieved in it, and what Stage 6 courses has this prepared me for? And, am I planning to go to University, and if so, what course am I planning to study?
The following document from Policies and Procedures: Curriculum will help you to understand where you have come from in Stage 5 and the appropriate Stage 6 courses. These recommendations are supported by the Mathematics Association of New South Wales.
Think of choosing Mathematics Extension 1 and 2? What about General Mathematics or Mathematics? Make an informed choice. The ATAR is a ranking. You are ranked on your 10 best units. Each unit is assigned a scaled mark out of 50 and you are ranked on your total mark called your aggregate. Scaled marks are adjusted from your HSC mark first. Courses worth two units contribute two separate scaled marks for each unit out of 50. The 10 best units refer to the combination of scaled marks out of 50 that give you the highest aggregate.
For example, if you received a scaled mark of 80/100 for a course then that contributes two separate units each worth 40/50. One or both of these units may be included in your 10 best depending on your performance in your other courses.
Example 1: Studying Mathematics and Mathematics Extension 1.
Example 2: Studying Mathematics Extension1 and Mathematics Extension 2.
Example 3: Studying Mathematics only.
Example 4: Studying General Mathematics only.