Contemporary Mathematics

Are you a gifted and/or talented Mathematics student? Are you on a pathway to University study? Are you considering pursuing a career that includes the sciences, engineering or computer science?

Gifted and Talented students are entitled to rigorous, relevant and engaging learning opportunities to meet their strengths, interests and goals.

By electing Contemporary Mathematics in Years 9 and 10 students will enjoy the one of a kind opportunities provided that will have you investigating and exploring a diverse range of mathematical areas.

You will enrich their learning opportunities beyond the normal curriculum by providing students with time to delve deeper into core concepts, the relationship between them, and how they can be applied in the real world.

Contemporary Mathematics students will broaden their horizons. They will study areas of mathematics outside their usual program of study and have the opportunity to visit and work with both Universities and Institutes to enhance and supplement this courses curriculum.

This course targets students who are gifted and talented in mathematics and is specifically designed to meet their diverse learning needs. It aims to ensure students reach their potential in Years 11 and 12. It will provide students with a greater understanding of the career pathways made available through studying mathematics.

Be amongst the first to be part of this exclusive elective only offered at Maclean High School.