General Mathematics

The Preliminary Mathematics General course, the HSC Mathematics General 2 course and the HSC Mathematics General 1 course are designed to promote the development of knowledge, skills and understanding in areas of mathematics that have direct application to the broad range of human activity, including a range of post-school pathways requiring a variety of mathematical and statistical techniques.

Students will learn to use a range of techniques and tools, including relevant technologies, in order to develop solutions to a wide variety of problems relating to their present and future needs and aspirations.

The HSC Mathematics General 2 course provides a strong foundation for a broad range of vocational pathways, as well as for a range of university courses. The HSC Mathematics General 1 course provides an appropriate foundation for a range of such vocational pathways, either in the workforce or in further training.

The Preliminary Mathematics General course has been constructed on the assumption that students have studied the content and achieved the outcomes of the Mathematics Years 7–10 Syllabus (2002) up to, and including, the content and outcomes of Stage 5.1.

For students who intend to study the HSC Mathematics General 2 course, it is recommended that they experience at least some of the Stage 5.2 content, particularly the Patterns and Algebra topics and Trigonometry, if not all of the content. 

You can download the following section of our departments General Mathematics Teaching and Learning Programmes below for the Preliminary and HSC years.

Preliminary Programme (pdf 317 KB)

HSC General 2 Programme (pdf 309 KB)

Please note that your child's teacher will be differentiating the units of work in this programme to suit the needs of your child. For more detail on the specific programme of study your child is undertaking please contact their classroom teacher.


Preliminary General Mathematics

  • Board Developed Course
  • Indicative Hours: 120
  • HSC Pathways: HSC Mathematics General 2


Preliminary Mathematics General provides an appropriate course of study for students who have demonstrated competence in mathematics up to and including at least stage 5.1 by the end of year 10. Before selecting this course, students should seek guidance regarding their potentialto acheive the outcomes in this course from the Mathematics Faculty.


Students who intend to study the Preliminary General Mathematicscourse should be those who wish to enter occupations, or educational pathways at the tertiary level, that require the use of a variety of mathematical and statistical techniques.


The course is divided into five strands. These include: Financial Maths; Data and Statistics; Measurement; Probabilty; and, Algebra and Modelling. Throughout the study of this course it is mandatory that students complete two focus studies: Mathematics and Communication; and, Mathematics and Driving.This course provides appropriate pathways to both the HSC General Mathematics 1 & 2 Courses.


Contact: Mr Boon