Mathematics Extension 2

The Mathematics Extension 2 course consists of an HSC course (only) and may be undertaken following completion of the Preliminary Mathematics and Preliminary Mathematics Extension courses. Students may study the Mathematics Extension 2 course concurrently with, or following completion of, the HSC Mathematics Extension 1 course.

You can download the following section of our departments Mathematics Extension 2 Teaching and Learning Programmes below.

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Please note that your child's teacher will be differentiating the units of work in this programme to suit the needs of your child. For more detail on the specific programme of study your child is undertaking please contact their classroom teacher.

D Lenter, C Dane, E Watson, Mathematics Extension 2

 HSC Mathematics Extension 2

  • Board Developed Course

  • Indicative Hours: 60

  • Concurrent Pathways: HSC Mathematics and HSC Mathematics

Prerequisites: The content in the HSC Mathematics Extension 2 course builds on and includes the units of work studies in the preliminary and HSC Mathematics and Mathematics Extension 1 courses. Content from all courses is examinable.


Aims: This course offers a suitable preparation for the study of mathematics at tertiary level, as well as a deeper and more extensive treatment of certain topics than is offered in other mathematics courses. It is designed for students with a special interest in mathematics who have shown that they possess special aptitude for the subject. It represents a distinctly high level in school mathematics involving the development of considerable manipulative skill and a high degree of understanding of the fundamental ideas of algebra and calculus.


Content: The HSC Mathematics Extension 2 course is divided into eight units of work. These are: Graphs; Complex Numbers; Conics; Integration; Volumes; Mechanics; Polynomials; and, Harder Extension 1 topics.


Contact: Mr Boon