Substage 5.1

By the end of Stage 5.1, students explain and verify mathematical relationships, select and use appropriate strategies to solve problems, and link mathematical ideas to existing knowledge and understanding. They use mathematical language and notation to explain mathematical ideas, and interpret tables, diagrams and text in mathematical situations.

Students apply their knowledge of percentages, fractions and decimals to financial problems related to earning and spending money, taxation, and simple and compound interest. They simplify and evaluate numerical expressions using index laws for positive and zero indices, round numbers to a specified number of significant figures, and express numbers in scientific notation. Students apply the index laws to simplify algebraic expressions. They determine the midpoint, gradient and length of intervals on the Cartesian plane and draw graphs of linear and simple non-linear relationships.

Skills in measurement are further developed to include finding the areas of composite shapes and the surface areas of rectangular and triangular prisms. Students describe the limit of accuracy of measurements. They apply right-angled triangle trigonometry to practical situations, including those involving angles of elevation and depression. They apply the properties of similar figures to find side lengths in problems related to similar figures.

Students' statistical skills are extended to include considering shape and skewness of distributions, comparing data and data displays, and evaluating the reliability of statistical claims. They also determine the relative frequencies of events in chance experiments and calculate probabilities from information displayed in Venn diagrams and two-way tables.

You can download the following section of our departments Substage 5.1 Teaching and Learning Programmes below.

Substage 5.1 Programme (pdf 797 KB)

Please note that your child's teacher will be differentiating the units of work in this programme to suit the needs of your child. For more detail on the specific programme of study your child is undertaking please contact their classroom teacher.