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Fifteen fortunate Maclean High School students traveled to Lismore Southern Cross University to participate in the AIME (Australian Indigenous Mentoring Experience) program. The program involved Yrs 9-12 with key learning activities that aim to instill hope of a bright and prosperous future for students . Each group had a guest speaker who has endured certain life experiences that encouraged the students to focus on school and a level of achievement. Maclean High students were praised on their participation and behaviour by the organising leaders as we demonstrated such enthusiasm and a willingness to share.



Information from the AIME website:

"Across the country, AIME delivers a range of different programs. The Core Program targets local Indigenous high school students who attend schools that are able to visit an AIME partner university campus on a weekly basis. The Outreach Program extends the AIME experience to Indigenous high school students from further afield through a more intensive full day format."

"AIME includes:

  • Year 9 'Interactive' Core Program (helps students to step outside their comfort zones in Art, Drama, Respect and Hip Hop sessions);  
  • Year 10 'Leadership' Core Program (sessions on Racism, Year 11 and 12 Subject Selection, Résumé Building and 'Writing your First Speech as Prime Minister');
  • Year 11/12 Leadership and Development Core & Outreach Program (facilitated sessions focussed on Year 12 completion and transition/connection to the next chapter of life);
  •  AIME Tutor Squads: Squads of AIME Mentors will travel to schools during the 15-week program period to provide further academic and personal support for the students. Each site may host up to 5 squads of 5 Mentors.
  • AIME Outreach Program: AIME will open its doors to Year 9 to 12 students in schools beyond the 30-minute radius of our Core Program and for those who cannot make it onto the University campus each week. Students in the Outreach Program will have the chance participate in 12 AIME sessions spread across 4 full-day visits to the university campus across the months of May to November."