English Studies (Mr Prussian)




  1. Do you have any unique experiences that might especially qualify you for this job?
  2. What do you see yourself doing in 5 years?
  3. Are you interested in a career with our firm, or just a job?
  4. Do you have any special interests or hobbies?
  5. Do you drink alcohol? If so, how often?
  6. If your supervisor asked you to perform duties outside your normal routine occupation, would you be willing?
  7. Give me three examples of workplace safety.
  8. Give me three examples of workplace harassment or discrimination.
  9. How many hours per week are you willing to work? Would you make yourself available for overtime duties?
  10. How much do you expect to earn in this position?

Term One Careers Research Project

  • In your Student Drive, create a 'New Folder' and name it 'Career Research'
  • Copy and paste the following assignment into Word.
  • 'Save As' .htm or .html file
  • Complete the assignment, remembering to save frequently.


1. Go to JobSearch and register as a Job Seeker.

2.  Read the registration page carefully. Once you register with JobSearch, what three things can you do?

3. Return to the ‘Home' page and click on the map of Australia.  What state did you choose?

4. Which region did you choose?

5. Which Sub-Region has the most available jobs?

6.  Click the Sub-Region with the most available jobs and then click ‘Search'.

7. Which job types are most available?

8. Click the occupation category and study the pop-up list. Which specific occupation has the most available jobs?

9. Follow any of the specific occupation links you choose and study the available job list. Choose three jobs you might be interested in, click each one and copy/paste the job description, details and how to apply information below:

10. Highlight the special skills, education or experience that would give you an advantage if you applied for the jobs you chose?

NOW, complete the following three more times:

Repeat steps 3 & 4, choose and note your favoured sub-region, choose occupations that interest you most and repeat steps 9 & 10.