Term 1 Year 12

Topic and task- Finding meaning in artworks

We are looking from the CULTURAL FRAME to unlock the layers of meaning in the artworks we study.

Unlocking an artwork is like unpacking a bag that you may have found somewhere. [ In a park, or a circus or a magic shop or perhaps on a train.]

The content of the bag is in layers, at first you look at the exterior noticing the colour and texture, you look closely and notice the marks, and worn parts and slight dimples in the appearance.

You open the bag carefully, and notice the clothes, [are they carefully folded or rolled or shoved in, are they dirty or clean? What colours do you see, is there a theme, what can you discern about the person or people who own this bag?

What is under the clothes?  You look carefully and notice a newspaper clipping, a book and a glove. You remove these carefully and find a delicate lacy shawl and underneath it a bracelet. The bracelet is made from hair that has been plaited together.

You become a detective and start to make assumptions about the person who owns all this. Who are they, what are their beliefs, what is their world like?

You propose differing ideas about what is in the bag and why.

Your friend talks to you about her ideas and thoughts, tossing them around and making claims using the clues as evidence.

While you may not know the person who owns the bag, you have learnt more about them through the evidence that exists and the knowledge that you bring with you. [eg the book may give you clues as to what their interests are or their level of education.]

These skills are precisely what you need to use when you unpack an artwork.

  • Follow this link to the  APT7 GOMA site where you can access videos, interviews and performances of the APT & Artists.
  • Remember that you will need your laptop in every Art period

    Revision 1: What is Art?