The Chrome class is an unbanded selective class. Students must complete the entire application process within the allocated time frame to be eligible for selection. 

Students should be familiar with how google drive and a number of the common apps operate to be able to complete the application process. 


Application Steps

1. Students are to send an email to the class coordinator using their school email address. The email should contain a basic hello message and a brief reason why they would like to be considered for selection in the Chrome Class.  Coordinators email -


2. Students are to create a folder in their Google Drive called 'MHS Google Guru - First name and last name' eg 'MHS Google Guru - Simon Smith'


3. Students are to construct a four slide long Google Slides presentation which tells us what they love about their primary school. It should contain images and text box animations withing each slide. There should also be animated transitions when moving from one slide to the next. This presentation is to be saved in the students MHS Google Guru folder in their Google Drive.


4. Students are to create a POWTOON animated presentation (POWTOON is an app that needs to be added to the students google drive before they can use it). The topic of this presentation is up to the student. They could tell us about a holiday they have been on, their favourite sport, etc. This presentation is to be saved in the students MHS Google Guru folder.


5. Students are to go to Google CLASSROOM and join a class called Chrome Class applications for 2018 by using the class code tsnseld. Once they are in the class they are to post a sensible message on the class stream. They can also respond to messages from other students (or the coordinator) in the classroom.


6. Students are to complete the 2 x tasks that are located in the Chrome Class applications for 2018 classroom. 


7. Students are to 'share' their Google Guru folder with the class coordinator using the above email address. This can be done in Google drive.


8. Once all these tasks have been completed the student is to email the class coordinator on the above email and say that they are finished their application.



Students and their families will be notified of the outcome of their application during Term 4. Successful applicants can choose to take up a place in the Chrome Class or decline the offer. A second round of offers may be necessary to fill the class.

Once you have been offered and have accepted a place in the Chrome Class it is your responsibility to purchase a chromebook before the start of 2018. Please take a moment to read through the STUDENT BYOD AGREEMENT information page as well as the BYOD DEVICE REQUIREMENTS before PURCHASING A CHROMEBOOK