PDHPE 2015

Year 7

In Term 1, PDHPE will be exploring a unit called "Connecting Myself". We examine what it is that makes "me". We use a resource called Double Trouble which is an Australian drama that deals with a set of twins that were separated at birth, grew up in different circumstances and meet up by chance.

In practical lessons, we are participating in movement by being involved in games from different countries such as Frisbee, Bocce, Traditional Indigenous games, Team Handball and initiative games.

 In term 2 we will be looking at "Adolescence and Change" which involves learning about the changes that happen to us as we move through puberty, how our body works, how we may feel about the changes that are happening and where we can get more information from.

Practical lessons will see us learning about various Athletics events leading into the Athletics carnival. We may throw the discus, a javelin, a shot put or learn how to Fosbury flop. Then we will be involved in some Gymnastics using the mats and partners to develop a routine.


In term 3 we shift our focus to addressing our own health and the factors that influence it. We focus heavily on Lifestyle diseases and how our choices with regards to drugs like Nicotine and Cannabis can lead to long term health problems.

For our practical lessons we will be building our repertoire of sport skills by involving ourselves in minor games to improve our basic skills such as kicking, striking, running, hopping and jumping. These skills will form the foundation for future years of PDHPE.


In term 4 we explore the nature of risk and how we can identify risky situations and make sensible plans to keep ourselves safe. We will learning basic resuscitation and how to be safe in aquatic environments. We tie this in with our practical unit by attending Maclean Pool. During our double periods we will walk to the pool to learn basic rescue techniques, swimming survival and sun safety.

Please note- students will be required to bring money for pool entry (if they are a season ticket holder then obviously they will not need to pay) and a towel and swimming clothes. We recommend that student wear a rash shirt to guard against sunburn and for female students a "one piece" swimsuit with a rash shirt.